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Page 2 - some oldies - all taken over 25 years ago

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All pictures are copyright G A Cryer. If you wish to use them in any way, please check my copyright notes

All the photographs have been scanned to 600 x 400 JPG images from 35mm originals.

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45017 & 45231 Carnforth July 1968   45017 & 45321 bask in the evening light, in their last weeks of BR service, July 1968. 
My first camera, a very basic "Instamatic", meant that I  have very few usable pictures from the steam era
Ripon station from cab of 8305   Ripon station, on the former NER Harrogate to Northallerton line , from the cab of cl 20 No 8305, 31 December 1968
Closed to passengers March '67, this was the last train from Ripon to Melmerby, and one of the first shots with the Instamatic's replacement - an "Arette 1B". (I've still got it, somewhere....)
30072 at Oxenhope   30072 at Oxenhope on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, August 1970
My nearest preserved steam at the time - about an hour's ride on the BSA Bantam
AB Nora at Blaenavon   Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST "Nora" backs up to the shed in the dereliction of Blaenavon, May 1972
A Railsoc trip to the South Wales coalfield, via Bulmer's Cider Factory. (I'm surprised any of the photos came out...)
E210 leaving Sernada do Vouga   CP E210 metre gauge 2-4-6-0T leaves Sernada do Vouga with a freight, Portugal 28 June 1972
We arrived here on a single ended railbus (it needed turntables to operate a service), and left, steam hauled, on the line to Espinho.
Dunnington station, DVR   Dunnington station on the Derwent Valley Light Railway near York, in the gathering gloom of a late December afternoon, 1973
First film in the newly acquired SLR (a Praktica - standard 70s gricing kit). The line seemed assured of a future, but closed when the grain store lost its contract.
Deltic at Skelton, York   An unidentified Deltic catches the late evening sun as it accelerates northwards near Skelton, York, July 1974
Lots of wires here now, but rather fewer 55s
Isabel at Radstock   Hawthorn Leslie "Isabel" shunts at Radstock, 29 September 1974
An open day at the long-defunct S&DJR preservation site.
No. 7 returns to Littleton   No 7 climbs through the woods heading back to Littleton colliery with a train of empties, 22 February 1976
It was more like a country branch line than a colliery line. One or two steam-hauled runs were staged for enthusiasts in the mid-70s.

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