Steaming onto the Central Wales line
GBXI: 45212
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
25 April 2018
Great Britain XI - Black 5 to the rescue once more! 45212 was a regular on the Worth Valley Railway for many years - now it’s out and about on the main line again, almost fifty years after it hauled the last “normal” steam-hauled passenger train on BR. As I write, the train is still running somewhere in south Wales - it should have been in Cardiff before 7pm, but after further delays, it’s not due now until about 9.45pm. Delayed by main line signalling problems south of Warrington, the special was nearly two and a half hours later when it left Craven Arms. I’d hoped to find a decent gap in the undergrowth, but there didn’t seem to be any, and I had to stand (on the public side) at a farm crossing to see it. There’s a class 37 diesel at the back - as the train passes, it opens up and gives the train a helping hand…