The war’s over!
Apedale 1919
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30 June 2019
It’s always a great day out at an Apedale special event. The last three “Tracks to the Trenches” commemorated the 100th anniversary of the first world war. Now the war’s over, and this somewhat more relaxed event - “Swords into Ploughshares” marks its end - and the beginning of the transfer of all that light railway equipment into private hands, which used it in quarries, on peat bogs, at brick works - a multitude of uses for a wealth of machinery.
The days of narrow gauge industrial railways are over, but it’s wonderful to be able to enjoy these reminders. Apedale’s beautiful steam locomotives are a major attraction - but those little internal combustion locos which splutter, cough and chug around the field railway are great fun. And where else can one see a self-propelled lean-to garden shed? Link: Apedale Valley Light Railway
The Hudswell arrives with the freight Joffre departs with the passenger Running round Taking the token Black engines Edgar out in the fields Old soldiers Here comes a shed! A shed in a field Station scene Edgar brings home the boys Thirsty Hudswell Hors de combat 303 on the freight Joffre on the passenger Edgar and the red shed Field railway 303 arrives with the passenger Edgar's off again! Here's the Tin Turtle Last look at Apedale