Fun on New Year’s Day!
Chasewater: an early start
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1 January 2020
action again. Then there’s “Dunlop No 6” (formerly known as “Linda”), Bagnall 2648 of 1941. Not forgetting the remarkably similar “Ketton Portland Cement No 3”, which appeared later in the day. It took a chance encounter with a friend for me to discover, as he explained, they were one and the same - a vinyl identity swap! (That’s the trouble, of course, with seeing everything through the camera viewfinder) Despite the weather - dull, brightish, dull, duller - the day passed quickly. The light was dropping rapidly as the 2.30 departure pulled out. I don’t think I’ll wait for the 3.30… Link: Chasewater Railway
Opening the “Rail Diaries” on 1st January: Chasewater, where they’re running hourly “Mince Pie Specials” - and demonstration freights too. With two (or was it three?) steam locomotives in action (and an 08) it promised to be an interesting day out. Two or three steam locos? Firstly, “Waleswood”, Hudswell Clarke 750 of 1906. Great to see this fine little machine in
Dunlop No 6 arrives Waleswood: please take the token Waleswood heads out of Brownhills West... ... and away down the line Dunlop No 6 heads the passenger B***** cyclists! 08 - rhymes with freight Waleswood on the passenger Here's Waleswood again! A bonus - Waleswood, a few minutes later, leaves Chasewater Heaths It's back again! Waleswood pauses at the platform Ketton on the freight Ketton on the freight Here's Ketton again Another trip on the freight for Waleswood Another trip on the freight for Waleswood The 2.30 departure