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Changing trains at Crewe
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13 October 2022
route, and various other oddities. Something rather different was D1924, one of the Locomotive Services fleet, which made a brief appearence before trundling off to the depot. It’s soon time to make our way to platform 11 for our train - but not before an unbelievably grimy pair of class 56s pass through on the railhead treatment train. I first saw a class 47 (they were Brush type 4s then) in 1963, when they were practically brand-new. Nearly 60 years later, D1924 looks just like they did then, and very different from the modern liveries on the ‘normal’ trains. Changing trains? Yes, they have, haven’t they!
We’ve booked seats (for a very attractive fare) on the 15.09 from Crewe to Edinburgh Waverley. To get to Crewe, we’ve used buses (free for us ancients) and a train from Stafford. On such a journey, there’s plenty of scope for things to go wrong, so we’ve left home much earlier than strictly necessary, ‘just in case’. Inevitably, instead of missing connections, we’ve made connections we didn’t expect to make, and have arrived in Crewe much too early (which, given the way fares and reservations work these days, is hugely better than arrving a minute too late. We could have caught the 13.09 to Waverley - but it would have cost a small fortune. We’ll sit in the very pleasant warm sunshine and watch the world go by! Crewe is, of course, a very busy station, and there are lots of trains to see. Admittedly, they all look very similar… Most are Pendolinos, like the one we’ll catch. There are also numerous class 350 EMUs, several 175 DMUs on the Manchester-Cardiff
Cardiff-bound (and beyond) - 175 010 Pendolino 390 114 - the 13.09 to Edinburgh D1924 - steam-age diesel 390 043 arrives from the north South- and north-bound - 390 043 and 390 016 EMU 350 244 Railhead treatment train - 56 105... ... and 56 049 "Robin of Templecombe"!