Isle of Man day 6
Douglas Trams
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
29 July 2023
won’t have time for that. However, there’s very nearly a procession from Douglas - from late morning, the service intensifies, and there will be some unusual workings. We’ll think back on our walk as the ferry rolls its way across the Irish Sea. It’s quite breezy up here… Link: Manx Electric Railway
At 3pm we’ll be leaving Douglas on the fast ferry back to Liverpool. We’ll end in similar fashion to the start - a walk beside the tramway, but today, we’ll really stretch our legs out to Howstrake, high on the cliffs looking down towards Groudle Glen Later in the day there will be a tram cavalcade at Laxey, but we
'Winter Saloon' no. 20 at Derby Castle 'Winter Saloon' no. 22 leaves Derby Castle 20 again, Onchan 22 again at Howstrake 'Tunnel Car' no. 7 comes up from Groudle... ... with unusual trailer 26 No 1 approaches Howstrake No 7 heads back towards Groudle Back again! no 1 on the curve high above Groudle 'Crossbench' no 14 approaches Howstrake Here's no. 1 again! And here's no 2! Look, no hands! Diesel works car 34 at Onchan Mixed train at Onchan Worth another look? No. 6 - passing Port Jack Chippy 'Tunnel Car' no. 9 at Derby Castle Crossbench no.16 and trailer no. 59 Many years apart! Last arrival and departure