Worcestershire 15” gauge steam
Evesham Vale
1 June 2003  
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About a mile north of Evesham is a brand new railway - the Evesham Vale Light Railway. Like a number of other such lines, it is built to the "standard" large miniature gauge of 15", defined by Heywood over 100 years ago, and since adopted by numerous other lines, including the well-known Romney Hythe and Dymchurch and Cumbria's "Ratty". In common with those lines, the EVLR mostly uses roughly ¼ scale replicas of standard gauge prototypes - such as the "Morse", a replica of an American "switcher", which has been the mainstay of services since the line opened in August 2002. "John",  the ex-Rhyl Miniature Railway 4-4-2, is in store awaiting overhaul, while no 5751 "Prince William", built by G&S in 1946, was in operation on this occasion, having recently been fitted with the appropriate air brake equipment. Built originally (as a 4-6-0) for the Dudley Zoo railway, this fine pacific has seen service at Blenheim Palace, Carnforth and Windmill Farm. A further locomotive is under construction for the line at the Exmoor Steam Railway's workshops. Unlike the fairly standard Exmoor loco, this will be an 0-4-0 tender engine. Two other items of motive power were present at Twyford (illustrated below) - a reasonably-conventional Lister, no.41545 of 1955,
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originally built to 2' gauge, and a rather unusual self-propelled dumper wagon(!) Trains operate from Twyford station through fields and orchards, on a very pleasant "out-and-back" line around a mile in length. Evesham Vale station, on the loop at the other end of the line, provides a break in the journey, and the opportunity for picnics or a walk back to the terminus through the park. Trains operate at frequent intervals daily during school holidays and at weekends throughout the year The railway is located at the "Evesham Country Park Shopping and Garden Centre" - could this provide the ideal excuse for a family outing, along the lines of "there seems to be some sort of a railway setup here...." Link: Evesham Vale Light Railway
5751 at Twyford station On the loop At Evesham Vale station Arriving at Twyford On the turntable, Twyford Out on the line Unusual motive power.... The Lister