Isle of Man day 3
Groudle Glen (and rainy Port Erin)
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
26 July 2023
to Lhen Coan, the inland terminus. Back to Douglas now, where the rain is trying to fall. A ride out to Port Erin (museum and tea-room) and back should help us through the wettest period. The return run to Douglas is best described as ‘atmospheric’ - rain- covered windows on one side of our compartment, and the steam beating down on the other! Links: Groudle Glen Railway IoM Steam Railway The scenic Groudle Glen on
The 2’ gauge Groudle Glen Railway is only open on Wednesdays and Sundays - we’d better go today, and we’d better get there early, as rain is forecast for later The tram takes us to Groudle tram station, and we make our way down this very attractive glen to sea level, before walking back up to the railway at Sea Lion Rocks station, the outer terminus of the line. We’re there before the first train - giving us first choice of cakes and refreshments (excellent blueberry cake!). We’ll watch a few arrivals and departures before taking the train back
Alec and DD car 18 at Derby Castle Groudle: the tram's gone First train: Otter arrives at Sea Lion Rocks Otter at Sea Lion Rocks Another arrival Otter runs round at Lhen Coan One lump or two? Otter and Polar Bear Departure In the shed: Dolphin and Walrus Baguley 'Maltby' Brown Bear Sea Lion (it's a bit tight in here...) No. 11 'Maitland' arrives at Douglas No 11 Maitland at Douglas Ready to take us to Port Erin Loch in the rain: Port Erin No 1 'Sutherland' in Port Erin museum 'Maitland' awaits his turn Heading back to Lhen Coan