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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
22, 24 & 27 July 2019
It’s said you should never go back when you have happy memories of places. This trip to the Isle of Man was a repeat, in some respects, of a visit in 1998 (see “Isle of Man: Steam 125”). Disappointments? Not really, it was a most enjoyable trip in all respects. But sometimes, it’s the least significant things which stay in the memory. In 1998, the huge “ELECTRIC RAILWAY” sign above Derby Castle was illuminated at night, the letters lighting sequentially - E, EL, ELE etc, until the whole sign was lit - then off - then back through the sequence. Now, it’s either on or it’s not. The other thing? That long walk along Douglas
promenade (about two miles) was invariably accompanied, during the daytime, by the clip-clop-clip-clop of the horse trams (and those who wanted could hop on and avoid the exercise…). Not this year - one tram operates along a short stretch, in effect a token ride for demonstration purposes. The rest of the tramway is being renovated - new heavier rails and extensive road works. We’ll have to come back… Here are a few photographs of that limited operation, providing a flavour of the more extensive service. Link: Douglas Bay Horse Tramway
Trackwork complexity at Derby Castle Philip arrives with car 45 Philip rests Willam is ready for a run William poses for the camera The other end of the short trip Contrasts in cars - 29 and 42 at Derby Castle Contrasts in cars - 29 and 42 at Derby Castle