Riding the 3ft gauge
IoM: the Steam Railway
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
23 & 26 July 2019
We’re on the Isle of Man for a few days, enjoying the many attractions, including the railways and tramways. Here’s a selection of photos taken on the two days when we rode on the steam railway. On Tuesday 23 July, we took a ride along the full length of the railway, to Port Erin. We only just made it to Douglas station for the 9.50am train - and only just found seats. This train was double-headed, by Caledonia and Kissack, but we didn’t realise we had two locomotives until we began to hear two distinct and different exhaust beats… From Port Erin, we
walked up to the Cregneash museum, returning along the coast to Port St Mary, where we joined a much shorter train hauled by Caledonia for the run back to Douglas Friday 26 July, our last full day, saw us travel as far as Castletown, where we visited the castle, had lunch and had another interesting coastal walk - returning to the station before lunch to see the passing trains… Once again, Caledonia did the honours to Castletown; Hutchinson  hauled us back again Link: IoM Steam Railway
Tuesday - arrival at Port Erin Port Erin: Kissack and Caledonia Port Erin: Kissack and Caledonia Port Erin: Kissack and Caledonia Tuesday - it was a long train! Tuesday: homeward bound at Port St Mary Friday: Douglas station Friday: Caledonia comes off shed Castletown - Hutchinson is heading for Douglas Caledonia gets away with the Port Erin train... ... through the woods Castletown waiting room Later in the day - Caledonia again Guard Kissack meets Caledonia Kissack is heading for Port Erin Kissack is heading for Port Erin Hutchinson arrives with our train for Douglas Kissack backs on at Douglas Hutchinson and Kissack Kissack steams away from Douglas