Cornish 2’ gauge
A look at Launceston
28 May 2009
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We nearly fell out with the Launceston Steam Railway in the ticket office. "Two for the train ride, please" "Adult or OAP?" came the response from the booking clerk, who can't have been a day over 80 (I may be guilty of exaggeration). I suppose we're beginning to fade a bit at the edges (gracefully, it has to be said - none of this "Grecian 2000" nonsense). But OAPs? Really! We tried to put the slight behind us and checked out the train. Four bogie coaches, two of which are open with tram-style reversible seating, and at the head a lovely little quarry Hunslet, "Covertcoat", Hunslet 679 of 1898. Really old enough to draw a
pension, nevertheless in fine fettle, with a modern addition in the form of a reasonably well- matched tender. We chose to sit in the open, and had a very pleasant run down the line to New Mills, about 2½ miles away along the track of the former LSWR North Cornwall Railway. There's time here for a few photos (and walks, and a children's play park, but being almost OAPs, we gave that one a miss) before rejoining the train for the return journey - and time back at Launceston Link: Launceston Steam Railway
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