Isle of Man day 1
Manx Electric: Douglas
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24 July 2023
including the ‘specials’ and extras which add to the fun. By the time we’re off the ferry and booked into our hotel, there’s not a lot left of the day, but there’s plenty of time for a stroll to Derby Castle to see the gradual winding-down of the day’s service on the Manx Electric - not forgetting the horse trams making their stately progress along the promenade. Their line was a mere stump of its former extent in 2019; now it extends roughly half-way, terminating and reversing at the Villa Marina. As the trams and horses are put away for the evening, we’re reminded that we too need a bite to eat before bedtime - so that’s it for today Link: Manx Electric Railway Online
Just four years ago, in July 2019, we joined a small group from the Shropshire Railway Society on a trip to the Isle of Man for the transport festival. We’re here again, for a week during which the 150th anniversary of the opening of the steam railway and the 130th anniversary of the Manx Electric Railway are being celebrated. We won’t be trying too hard to join in the celebrations, but we’ll make use of, and enjoy, the various transport operations,
Leaving Liverpool William... ... and Harry Car no 1 - 130 years old Bedtime for no 1 A 'special' - works car 34 arrives with a passenger service Not 100%... Diesel works car no. 34 No 7 (of 1894) arrives... ... pushes its trailer into the shed... ... poses ... ... and that's it for today!