15” gauge gala with visitors
Owl and Katie at Evesham
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
7 July 2019
Railway gala events are frequently made more interesting by visitors from other railways - this weekend’s gala on the Evesham Vale being no exception. The visitors are Katie (we last saw her on the Fairbourne Railway in the mid- 70s) and Owl, visiting from the Kirklees Light Railway. Katie has a GWR look about her - shades of the de Glehn compounds perhaps? Owl is unlike anything else - two cylinders in v- formation, one each side of the boiler, driving a shaft slung below the boiler, powering two four-wheeled bogies  We’d
met Owl at Kirklees - but not seen him in operation… …and as we arrived at the railway’s Twyford terminus, there he was, moving onto the turntable, resplendant in L&YR livery. As one train arrives, another departs - there’s plenty of railway action. Some are double headed, the railway’s residents St Egwyn, Dougal and Monty joining in with the visitors to provide an intensive service. It’s fun here! Link: Evesham Vale Light Railway
Owl on the turntable St Egwyn and Monty - ready to depart Here's Katie Katie on the turntable Monty rolls onto the turntable Owl on the home straight Dougal is steaming well Katie approaches the tunnel Katie heads for home Monty rounds the loop Monty heads for home Owl heads out once more Station scene: Dougal and St Egwyn Return of Owl Another turn for Owl