Isle of Man day 4
Port Erin to Douglas
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
27 July 2023
Count the carriages! (No, I didn’t). We take seats in one of the splendid open bogie coaches towards the front, not far behind Maitland who will haul us back to Douglas. At the other end, Loch will be working hard to keep this heavy train moving (does that count as ‘haulage’? Do I care?). The icing on the cake would have been for the buffet car to be open. It wasn’t. Link: IoM Steam Railway
We’ve used the bus to get to Port Erin, via Castletown for a walk along the coastal path and a visit to Castle Rushen. Afterwards, the bus takes us on to Port Erin where, after an enjoyable wander down to the harbour, we’ll catch the last train back to Douglas. This is a rerun of yesterday’s rainy ride. What a contrast! The weather’s much more pleasant (we’ll be able to see beyond the train windows!), and just look at the train!
Port Erin - what a long train! 'Loch' at Port Erin 'Loch': splendid red engine 'Maitland' at the front 3' gauge comfort ...and a buffet car! Passing trains at Castletown: 'Kissack' arrives Last look at the steam railway - Maitland at Douglas