One rainy day...
Soggy Statfold
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10 September 2016
We’ve been very fortunate with the weather over the years - today, good fortune let us down. No, it didn’t rain all day. By the time I’d had a look around the various sheds and workshops at the top, and a trip (on the train) to Oak Tree and the roundhouse, it had eased off. It started again (perfect timing for once) when I was in the marquee enjoying a light lunch, and was raining pretty steadily when we left. The other side of the coin? Far fewer bodies in the way of photographs, and more visible steam than would have been the case just three days later.
I’ve given up trying to count the number of working steam locomotives at Statfold events, so I don’t know whether there’s a photo (below) of everything that was running. There was certainly plenty of action. On the garden railway, sharing the work with the locomotive formerly known as “Paddy” (now “Howard” - yes, there were two Howards at work today - was newcomer Roger (the Wren - KS 3128 of 1918). It’s been in Canada for many years, and, having been beautifully restored at Statfold, will be heading back there (soon?) Link: Statfold Barn Railway
Cloister HE 542 of 1891 "Carlisle" - regauged battery loco for South Tynedale "Cegin" Barclay 1991 of 1931 Hunslets "Jack" and "King of the Scarlets" The Burton and Ashby tram Soggy Statfold! Sragi No1 and the Davenport Alpha Isibutu Marchlyn and Sybil Mary (The other) Howard and Trangkil No 4 GP39 meets Saccharine Howard and Trangkil leave the loop GP39 and Max CSR 11 - a steamy start The Davenport approaches Davenport and Sragi Steamy Saccharine Minas de Aller and Jack Lane (and Sam) Sybil Mary and Marchlyn Minas de Aller and Jack Lane "Roger" KS 3128 of 1918 "Roger" KS 3128 of 1918 Howard, originally "Paddy" Turned out wet again... Howard and Trangkil Marchlyn and Sybil Mary on the freight Isibutu Saccharine GP39 and Max on the freight CSR 11 "Fiji" Wallis and Stevens "Pedler" Fowler ploughing engine Foden steam tractor Invicta steam roller "Sarah" Foden steam wagon Foster "Ikanopit"
...and off the rails - it’s September, so there are traction engines, steam rollers, steam lorries....