…even when it’s gloomy
Never dull at Statfold
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
24 March 2018
Undoubtedly, the weather could have been better. Other than a brief spell of sunshine earlier on, it was unremittingly gloomy. Thinking of the previous Saturday’s weather, it could have been much worse… The real eye-opener for today is the mezzanine floor at Oak Tree - complete with elevated locomotives. There’s a fine new display line of internal combustion locos at the back of the shed, and various other “old friends” standing around, not in action today. Outside, things seem to have ground to a halt, temporarily. GP39 (the locomotive formerly known as Bronllwyd) has had a contretemps with that clever (but redundant) little bit of track on the balloon loop, which was needed when the line
was dual gauge. He’s soon back on his feet (wheels) and happily is perfectly able to take himself back to the shed, when he will retire for a checkup. In addition to the familiar faces on the railway, a visitor steams quietly on shed. Gelert, from the Welsh Highland, has had a new boiler fitted at Statfold. I rather hoped I might see Gelert move. Perhaps it did; I didn’t see it… Enough said. Scenes from the day are below. They needed a little “shopping”, as can be imagined… Link: Statfold Barn Railway
I/C line-up at Oak Tree More elevated locos: Michael and King of the Scarlets Eye-opener: Pakis Baru 1 on high Their turn will come The Davenport... ...and GP39, back on the rails Reflecting on their experiences CSR 19 departs - the brief spell of sunshine! Isibutu rounds the loop Statfold steams away Minas de Aller departs The big blue Mallett Trangkil (and one of the Howards) Penrhyn engines Smoking is good for steam engines: Isibutu Trundling tram Peckett "Liassic" Steam and signals Roger in the garden Howard (the other one) between the bullrushes The Harrogate gasworks Peckett Liassic heads for home Gelert in steam again Statfold Junction - Trangkil and Liassic Penrhyn freight Alpha on the bottom straight Howard and Trangkil Steamy Blue - Railway? Heading for home again Another look at CSR 19 A busy moment near the end of the day