Steam-powered fun on a rainy day…
Statfold showers
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Geoff’s Rail Diaries
18 March 2023
trundled up and down his own line beside the tram line I decided I ought to take a look at the new Mease Valley Light Railway, a 12¼” gauge miniature line, operated by (today, at any rate) a diesel and a rather attractive Exmoor-built steam locomotive, Victoria. I ought to be able to get a good photo from the top off the bank as she left the station. True - but it began to rain. Perhaps it will ease off - it’s looking brighter to the south-west. In any case, it would be a long walk back to shelter. Suffice it to say that I didn’t take any more photos, and brought home more water than I took with me. After an overnight stay in the airing cupboard, the camera seems OK… Links: Statfold Barn Railway Sam’s World
I’m sure the forecast said the showers would be light! I was in the archives at Oak Tree when I heard a low rumble (that wasn’t a passing train). The building had suddenly become rather crowded - the rain was hammering down on the roof! It cleared, as forecast, and for a time there was some good light. As ever, there was a wonderful selection of steam locomotives in action. In no particular order: Bagnalls Isaac and Isibutu, Fowler Saccharine, Krauss Sragi No 1, Corpet Minas de Aller 2, Hunslets Howard and Statfold, Kerr Stuart ISC 2, Peckett Liassic and Harrogate, Hudswell Clarke Alpha, and Beyer Peacock No1 - the first Beyer Garratt. Also in action were the fine matching pair of Avonsides Marchlyn and Ogwen, but somehow I failed to get a photo of them (sorry, Sam! See link). 18” gauge Hunslet Jack
Saccharine Burton and Ashby tram (look, no wires!) Threesome steaming down the bank Little and large: Jack and the Garratt Isibutu (and Marchlyn and Ogwen, behind the PLymouth diesel) The Goose! Minas de Aller Howard Threesome: ISC 2, Liassic and Statfold Saccharine and the Garratt Minas de Aller and Alpha (and the Garratt) Isibutu and the terrible threesome The Plymouth diesel takes a turn Atmospheric! The Garratt again ... ... laying a smokescreen Jack at Oak Tree Those three again! Harrogate The threesome again Victoria (down came the rain!) Victoria - departure in a downpour!