The June Enthusiasts’ Day
Statfold Steam
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6 June 2015
Little needs to be said about Statfold these days. I paid my first visit on a bitterly-cold March day, nine years ago, when there were relatively few other visitors. Today there were perhaps over a thousand visitors - and no fewer than seventeen locomotives in steam (I’ve counted seventeen from the day’s photographs - if there was another, I missed it). All bar one of those locomotives were residents, operating on the field railway - the exception being the garden railway, where vertical-boilered loco “Paddy” trundled round with the
passenger coach. Paddy used to live at Amerton, but is no longer listed on their website - has he moved permanently (”SBR” on the cab side)? As ever, it was an excellent day - virtually continuous steam railway activity, with plenty of other things of interest - the roundhouse, the works, the bookstalls, the refreshments. Good weather too! Link: Statfold Barn Railway Also worth a look: Sam’s World That’s him on the footplate of Harrogate...
GP39 and the Davenport Pakis Baru 5 and 1 on the freight Minas de Aller, Howard and the freight Isibutu Harrogate rounds the curve Marchlyn and Sybil Mary on the freight Jack Lane (and Statfold) on a very short passenger train Symmetry (almost) Isibutu rounds the loop Davenport and GP39 Buttercups and Davenport Smoke and steam - Trangkil approaches Sragi No 1 and CSR 19 Minas de Aller and Howard Peckett and passenger Sragi 1 and CSR 19 return Passing trains at Oak Tree Parallel running Paddy in the garden The Goose Blowing off Harrogate leaves the loop Jack Lane rounds the curve Sybil Mary and Marchlyn Trangkil tackles the back Pakis Baru 5 and 1 descend Isibutu What a great freight! Isibutu Harrogate (and Sam) Fiji descends the bank Fiji ascends the bank