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Our last visit was on a warm sunny day in June - today was much cooler, gloomy at first. Things brightened up later, once the sun was in the wrong place... This was a lazy visit. On previous occasions, photography has been the prime purpose - today, we took it easy, with a couple of rides down the lines (one on each...) and a circuit of the garden. There were conversations to be had, bacon baps to eat... As a result, I’ve no idea exactly how many locomotives were in steam. Lots, as usual, but no newcomers or visitors that we were aware of. The three big engines operated the new 2’0” gauge line, as in June. Today’s difference was the extended track - the concrete-embedded tramway still ends at Oak Tree Halt, but
Geoff’s Rail Diaries 14 September 2013
beyond, plain track now extends as far as the balloon loop at the far end of the line. Here, three sets of new pointwork sat on flat wagons, ready for installation... It will be interesting to see what transpires between now and next March... As an interesting diversion from the railway, September brings a gathering of traction engines, steam rollers etc. to Statfold, and they were of course duly inspected. Traction engine rallies always feel somewhat laid-back, and so were we by this time. As a result, it was only as we drove away that I realised we hadn’t checked out the contents of the shed beside the traverser, nor had we visited the workshops. And that big Plymouth diesel, standing in the usual spot for new arrivals, remained unphotographed. We’ll have to come back next year... Link: Statfold Barn Railway
New pointwork "Minas de Aller" Corpet 439 of 1884 GP39 and Sragi No. 1 No. 9 on the new line "Josephine" HE 1842 of 1936 Josephine at Oak Tree Halt Pakis Baru 5 heads the freight Isibutu on the tramway Standard gauge at Statfold - Plymouth diesel no. 2 "Sybil Mary" HE 921 of 1906 Steam sawing Steam in the rally field In the garden - petrol-engined Hudson 39924 of 1924