© Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 With a few well-earned days off, and the wife at work, and a fine, warm, sunny afternoon - what could be better than an hour or two by the lineside? (Yes, I know...) I started near Heamies farm, just north of Norton Bridge, but there was work in progress on the new access road beside the line, so after a picture or two, I moved a little further north.... ...to my spot a little way beyond the Mill Meece steam (pumping) engines. The light was completely wrong here, so I stocked up with some lunch at the shop nearby and jumped back into the car, to find somewhere sensible to eat it. I was on new territory now - where might there be a reasonable spot? After driving around in circles for a while, I found an ideal place by accident. The location I had seen on the map was useless - lots of bushes in the wrong place - but a public footpath ran through the field beside the line - to a stile up against the railway boundary fence, just at the right place in relation to the overhead support posts. It was comfortable too! Other than the three pictures at Heamies farm, all the photos on this page were taken at this spot. So I settled with pastie, banana and pop (!) in the warm sunshine, to watch the procession of trains up and down this busy line. In between trains, I watched the antics of a pair of buzzards as they mewed and wheeled above the nearby trees. The hours passed quickly, and soon it was time to head back, but it had been a most pleasant and totally relaxing afternoon. 87 011 near Heamies farm 90 223 with an unlikely load, Heamies farm 47 854 "Women's Royal Voluntary Service" Heamies farm RES 86 430 "St Edmund" propels a southbound train 60 024 on a northbound stone train 175 110 northbound 170 521 southbound 90 009 "The Economist" northbound 86 226 "Charles Rennie Mackintosh" southbound 60 091 "An Teallach" southbound with stone hoppers Freightliner 66 525 - light with a flat tyre! 47 789 "Lindisfarne" light engine 66 108 with northbound coal hoppers The new order - northbound Voyager