A trial run for 45231
Testing Times
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6 February 2019
We’re starting this year’s entries where we ended last year’s - near Preston Boats, on the line from Shrewsbury to Wolverhampton. Today’s entertainment is provided by “Black 5” 45231, on test preparatory to main line service (someone said they’ve been fitting a brake pump). Whatever the reason, it’s good to see steam on the main line, especially when there’s just enough winter sunshine to bring out the colour and provide some modelling in the steam.
We’re there half-an-hour or so before the train is due (they might have decided to send it out early…) In the event, it’s on time, scheduled to follow the London train, so we’d better have a snap of that too - and the “stopper”…
"The Stopper" - 170 515 Cl 221 - London Train Cl 221 - London Train 45231 - on test 45231 - on test 45231 - on test 45231 - on test 45231 - on test 45231 - on test