Jack drifts down towards Leadhills station © Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 Our last day dawned bright and breezy. There was a massed gathering of trams at Derby Castle to photograph, before joining the tram for a last run to Laxey. Today's objective was to record "Sutherland" in action on the Manx Electric Railway, and I found a reasonably good spot, on the long bank up from Laxey to Fairy Cottage (the turn-round point for the special). The day, as already mentioned, was bright and breezy, with one or two shower clouds about. No problem as the due time for the special came - bright sun from a clear blue sky. But the special was about 20 minutes late, and as it neared, the sun went in, the wind got up and a sharp shower pelted us with rain as Sutherland passed hauling a tram trailer, running parallel with MER No1 (which would assist the run-round). And true to form, moments later the rain stopped and the sun came out. I was able to try one last pint of Bushy's at the Mines Tavern, before setting off on the return journey which would ultimately end with Shrewsbury and the car ride home. What a great five days we had had! Line-up at Derby Castle Steam on the MER - Sutherland on Laxey viaduct The celebrity - No 1 at Laxey No 1 "Sutherland" poses at Laxey Two No.1s - Sutherland in action on the MER Ending as we started - horse tram at Douglas
Steam on the MER No.1 "Sutherland" performs on the Manx Electric Railway - and the weather does a dirty on us... Ends with a couple of views of the Douglas horse trams - the last one advertising the "Steam 125" event, the purpose of out visit.