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Web links which our members have found useful and interesting: Local Heritage Railways: https://www.svr.co.uk/ Severn Valley Railway http://www.cambrianrailways.com/ Cambrian Heritage Railways https://telfordsteamrailway.co.uk/ Telford Steam Railway https://www.wllr.org.uk/ Welshpool and Llanfair Railway https://www.llangollen-railway.co.uk/ Llangollen Railway http://www.rvlr.co.uk/ Rhiw Valley Light Railway https://avlr.org.uk/ Apedale Valley Railway https://www.churnetvalleyrailway.co.uk/ Churnet Valley Railway https://foxfieldrailway.co.uk/ Foxfield Railway https://chasewaterrailway.co.uk/ Chasewater Railway https://amertonrailway.co.uk/ Amerton Railway http://www.glynvalleytramwaytrust.co.uk/ Glyn Valley Tramway Trust Other local (and not-so-local) sites: https://shrewsburyrailwayheritage.com/ Shrewsbury Railway Heritage Trust https://colehampumpingstation.co.uk/ Coleham Pumping Station (Shrewsbury Steam Trust) http://bcrailway.co.uk/ Bishop’s Castle Railway Society http://www.woodseavesminirail.co.uk/ 7¼” gauge miniature railway at garden centre in Woodseaves (on the Market Drayton to Hinstock road)  There is also an extensive 32mm gauge garden railway. http://www.canalcentral.uk/ Canal Central, near Oswestry - another 7¼” gauge miniature railway worth visiting http://www.southcheshiremes.com/ The miniature railway of the Nantwich-based South Cheshire Model Engineering Society http://shrewsburyrailwaymodellers.co.uk/ Self descriptive. They have had meetings with interesting speakers. Some of our members are also members. https://www.freewebs.com/telfordrailwaysociety/fixtureslist.htm Telford Railway Society - twice-monthly meetings on Mondays (in normal times). Not a rival to SRS. http://nwrail.org.uk/index.htm ‘North Wales Coast Railway’ - all things relating to the railways of North Wales: the main lines from Manchester and Crewe to Bangor and Holyhead, branch lines, the connecting routes from Manchester and Shrewsbury, the Cambrian Coast line and local heritage railways. https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/  Again, covering an area well beyond the county boundary http://www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk/   Their interests extend well beyond Cornwall covering lines across the south west General information, maps etc. https://www.railwaydata.co.uk/ Information, although not yet 100% for the UK, includes line files/gradients, mileage search, stations, level crossings, timetables. https://www.hra.uk.com/ Heritage Railway Association. Has map of all heritage railways, etc who are members (not quite all of the UK heritage ones). https://irsociety.co.uk/ ‘devoted to the study of all aspects, and all gauges, of privately owned industrial railways and locomotives’. http://www.bglr.org/ Britain’s Great Little Railways (BGLR) represents the UK’s leading narrow, miniature and minimum gauge steam & diesel railways. Trains of every size and shape powered by steam, petrol, diesel or batteries. http://www.miniaturerailwayworld.co.uk/index.html Miniature railways in the UK, with a particularly useful county-by- county list https://www.modelengineeringwebsite.com/Clubs.html The smallest gauges, 5” and below - model engineering clubs and societies http://disused-stations.org.uk/ Increasingly-comprehensive database of this part of Britain’s railway heritage, with photographs from the past and present, history and a selection of maps. https://www.registerofclosedrailways.co.uk/  A relatively new site ‘which aims to provide a comprehensive record of all railways in Great Britain closed to passenger services since 1901’. Useful complement to the above http://www.urban75.org/railway/ A complement to "disused-stations". Covers disused stations, abandoned railways, steam trains, old buildings and railway walks. Can be source of old photos. Also covers subjects other than railways https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/ Needs no explanation! https://www.railadvent.co.uk  RailAdvent web site ... regular news, videos, events including all mainline steam movements. https://raildar.co.uk/ The Map page shows trains moving around the network superimposed on Google maps. As time passes the icons move to show the progress of the trains. https://traksy.uk/live/ its ‘places’ panel provides selection of either a location map, said to be interactive and similar to a signal box display, or a listing of trains for that location https://www.opentraintimes.com/ Similar to Traksy https://trackit.uppyjc.co.uk/  similar to RTT: can be more reliable during instances of data outages, but only shows the present day timings. http://brdatabase.info/ Locomotive build dates, scrapping dates, shed allocations etc. https://www.railmaponline.com/UKIEMap.php Very detailed atlas of UK railway network at its greatest extent https://maps.nls.uk/os/ National Library of Scotland’s online maps – all the steam-age out-of-copyright Ordnance Survey sheets – ¼”, 1”, 2½”, 6”, 25” (shows every siding!) https://www.streetmap.co.uk/ By selecting the appropriate ‘zoom’ gives quick direct access to 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 ordnance maps https://www.bing.com/maps/ Switch from ‘Road’ to ‘Ordnance Survey’ for 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 maps; also aerial photos https://www.openrailwaymap.org/  a detailed online map of the world's railway infrastructure, built on OpenStreetMap data. Includes all rail-mounted and automotive vehicles, but not aerialways, monorails or maglevs. https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/rail-accident-investigation-branch gives regular summaries and reports of all rail incidents and reports. You can also subscribe to a weekly email summarizing events of that week. http://www.ingr.co.uk/intro_links.html Narrow gauge railway links provides links to sites which deal primarily with narrow gauge content in this country and abroad, including modelling information. https://www.s-r-s.org.uk/home.php Signalling Record Society maintains and shares knowledge of Railway Signalling and Operation in the British Isles and Overseas. Everything from the present day signalling to the earliest times. https://www.rain-alarm.com/ This gives the radar pictures of rainfall, UK and elsewhere. Whilst historic, not predictive, you can watch the movement of rain clouds and decide on your outdoor activity. https://www.internationalsteam.co.uk/internat.htm There’s a world beyond Shropshire... https://www.flickr.com/photos/30937/collections/72157632781842931/ Around 10,000 superb photos, part of the 30937 Photographic Group’s ‘Transport Photograph Database’ http://www.urbanrail.net/ Trams, metro, light rail (with underground sections), subway, U bahn, etc. world-wide. Maps and diagram of networks with stations + photos. http://www.broadgauge.org.uk/index.html The Broad Gauge Society is devoted to Brunel gauge (7ft 0¼ ins) matters http://ngrs.org/ Every type of narrow gauge and miniature line at home and overseas http://railwayherald.com/railtours Claims to be “The most comprehensive freely available listing of steam and modern traction railtours available on the web” https://egtre.info/wiki  "Enthusiasts’ guide to travelling the railways of Europe" available for a number of countries https://www.e-periodica.ch/digbib/volumes?UID=sxp-001 Downloadable copies of the Swiss Railways Society quarterly magazine Swiss Express up to and including 2016. http://www.sporenplan.nl/  Whilst  of perhaps of niche interest, this has track plans for F B D NL L CH IT and A. In Dutch - may need a little initiative. Click http://www.sporenplan.nl/html_nl/sporenplan/start.html for a map-based index https://www.railscot.co.uk/ Full of useful historical information as well as a wide-ranging selection of photos covering many years of railway interest. Includes a pretty good selection of railways south of the border... https://www.thepwi.org/ ‘the world of rail infrastructure engineering’ https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/ Comprehensive list of British preserved steam... https://www.therailwayhub.co.uk/ Rail news past and present from The Railway Magazine, Heritage Railway, Rail Express and The Railway Magazine Guide to Modelling. https://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk/ Six Bells Junction, best known for 'The Railtour Files',18,000 pages of railtours dating back to the earliest days - a valuable resource! http://www.ingr.co.uk/index.html Industrial narrow-gauge railways http://ukprsl.uk/home.asp UK Preserved Railway Stock List https://www.lyrs.org.uk/ Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Society http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/ London & North Western Railway Society https://ner.org.uk/ North Eastern Railway Association https://nbrstudygroup.co.uk/ North British Railway Study Group https://www.railwaysarchive.co.uk/ ‘...opening up British rail history’. Original documents, accident reports etc. https://collection.sciencemuseumgroup.org.uk/ and especially https://collection.sciencemuseumgroup.org.uk/search/categories/photographic-collections-(railway)/images Huge collection of downloadable materail available under Creative Commons licensing YouTube and webcam links: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCOJUemKHBb_iJlchhK5EVFQ   Time Travel Artist "Ghost Train" journeys https://youtu.be/2xg0EAJ7OAk  Liverpool Overhead Railway archive footage https://youtu.be/aBNHmUT3GPg Musical model railway (at the Hamburg model railway, the world's largest) https://youtu.be/gAYyfXRG-Dk Train Simulator 2019 : West Highland Wanderings – East of Crianlarich https://youtu.be/lUu4VCjejvE Webcam - Rudyard Lake Miniature Railway https://ravenglass-railway.co.uk/webcam  Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway webcam https://www.talyllyn.co.uk/webcams/ Talyllyn Railway - three webcams http://insidemotion.co.uk/webcams/ Ffestiniog Railway - three webcams  
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