The first part of this day's activities was spent on the metre-gauge suburban network running northwards from Porto Trinidade station. Most of the traffic on these lines was in the hands of some fine 2-8-2Ts, along with the rather attractive, older 0-4-4-0Ts such as E170, seen at Trinidade, and E169 seen at the suburban station of Senhora da Hora. The metre gauge network north of Porto has undergone complete transformation recently - here's what Senhora da Hora looked like in December 2003, with one of the smart new Metro do Porto trams (many thanks to Sergio Ribeiro for permission to use his photo). The mill in the background provides the link to 31 years ago... The main depot for the metre gauge network was at Boavista, seen below. A pair of locomotives depart for Trinidade, and 2-8-2Ts E143 and E144 are seen arriving at Avenida da Franca, the station nearby. Lastly, a few pictures of the standard gauge at Porto - a steam-hauled service is seen (just!) crossing the Dona Pia Maria bridge on the main line to the south, and three of the fine 2-6-4Ts are seen at Campanha station © Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 A pair of 2-6-4Ts pull away from Porto Campanha 2-6-4T 094 at Porto Campanha Senhora da Hora Dec 2003  Sergio Rebeiro Boavista depot E143 at Avenida da Franca (Boavista) E144 arrives at Avenida da Franca (Boavista) E167 and a 2-8-2T back away towards Porto, Boavista E169 and E143 at Senhora da Hora E169 pulls away from Senhora da Hora E170 at Porto Trinidade station The Dona Pia Maria bridge, Porto (a 2-6-4T crossing)