We start and end at Contumil, the broad gauge shed for Porto. The diminutive 002 is seen in steam, acting as shed pilot, and an assortment of 2-6-4 and 2-8-4Ts stand around the turntable. 2-8-0 no 710 is seen in Contumil station. We took a ride up the broad gauge line to Nine, where 2-6-4Ts 080 and 095 are seen in action on modern- looking passenger stock. Returning to Contumil, No 710 is seen again on freight, and 2-8-4T 0181 climbs the bank towards the station. © Geoff’s Rail Diaries 2011 Contumil depot - 002 stands guard by the turntable 2-6-4Ts 080 and 095 at Nine 080 pulls away from Nine 2-6-4T 080 at Nine 2-8-4T 0181 near Contumil 2-8-0 710 shunts at Contumil station 2-8-0 710 takes water, Contumil station "Reflections at Contumil" Contumil depot